Vote NO on Prop A August 7th

2018-07-24T12:43:32+00:00 July 24th, 2018|Blog, Policies|

Across the country and here in Missouri, workers rights organizations and unions have lost ground in their fight to protect the rights and dignity of the working class. The result has been a decline in the size and standard of living of the country’s middle class, even in the face of soaring corporate profits and executive compensation. That does not reflect the spirt of our country or the state of Missouri.

That’s why this campaign is out knocking doors and encouraging the voters in District 13 to Vote NO on Prop A during the primary election on August 7th. Mitch Weber recognizes that when Missouri’s workers prosper, the entire state prospers. We must oppose this state legislation which would restrict the rights of all workers to organize and collectively negotiate the terms of their employment.