Join Mitch and VOTE YES on Prop B!

2018-09-12T09:22:28+00:00 September 12th, 2018|Blog, Policies|

There are a lot of important votes on November 6th, but one of the most important initiatives you will be asked to vote on is Prop B. This proposal will gradually increase the state’s minimum wage by 85 cents each year for the next five years – helping almost 100,000 working parents. Right now, the minimum wage is $7.85 and if approved would increase that amount to $12 by 2023.

Too many of Missouri’s workers, like nursing home attendants, classroom aids, and service industry employees, put in an honest day’s work but still struggle to get by. That’s because while the cost of food, housing, transportation, and other necessities have gone up, wages have not.

I believe hard working Missourians should be fairly compensated and able to provide themselves and their families with the most basic of needs. In addition to being the right thing to do, it also makes our local and state economy stronger by creating healthier consumer markets. It’s not just me, more than 350 Missouri businesses and 120,000 Missourians agree, which is why they came together to put Prop B on the ballot.

I encourage you to Vote Yes on Prop B on election day. Check out Raise Up Missouri for more information at

Will you join us?

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