Help us #FliptheSeat in District 13

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I started this campaign as a political newcomer with a team of trusted friends and family hoping that we could make a difference for our community. The last few months have gone by fast and I can’t believe we’ve already passed the primary election. We are very encouraged and excited about by the results which was the largest Democratic primary turnout in a decade.

While the results are promising, it doesn’t mean our work is done or that the rest of this campaign will be easy.¬†If we are going to #FliptheSeat in Missouri’s House District 13, we are going to need your help!¬†

During the next few weeks, we will be knocking on more doors, visiting more community events, and speaking with more voters about what’s most important for our district and the state.¬†Unfortunately, we are also going to need more financial resources to help us reach as many voters as possible.

Please consider helping us reach more voters and more community members with a donation that will fund important campaign activities like online marketing advertising, handouts and yard signs, and physical mailers.

Thank you in advance or your continued support of our campaign and I look forward to knocking on your door, giving you a call, or seeing you at one of our upcoming events soon!

Mitch Weber
Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives District 13

If we are going to #FliptheSeat in District 13, we are going to need your help! Your donation helps us with important campaign activities to register and reach more voters in the community.

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Donate $10 for a yard sign, $50 for a t-shirt, and $100 for a campaign hat!